The GuyGrub Guy

A comedy masquerading as a cooking show… or visa versa starring Tyler Hollinger is the GuyGrub Guy

Guy is a real guy, who takes his responsibility of acting like a real guy to the next level. He considers himself the ultimate Guy, and acts accordingly.

Guy doesn't cook like other cooks cook. He cooks like a real man should — using power tools from his basement or his uncle's garage. So would a real guy watch a clock or set a timer to figure out when something is done? Hell no! Guy measures time by how many beers he's drunk (2 pints = 30 minutes). And does a real guy need a set of measuring cups to figure out how much flour to use for his whiffle-ball waffles? You gotta be kidding! Guy measures everything with shots. Like in shot glasses! Except the meat of course, which he measures in comparison to athletic equipment. Like for meatloaf he starts with a nerfball's worth of hamburger.

Current Show Status
Psychotic Utensils Series complete.
12 two-minute episodes available at