John Patrick Gallagher

i've been a writer since I accidentally acquired a BA in Creative Writing — mistakenly believing I was a junior math and computer science major who had yet another year to party at Purdue.

I am currently writing the Thumpers Chronicles, an epic transmedia adventure. In my spare time I write ransom notes published in FBI dossiers under the pseudonym Unknown Perp.

Back In the day
I've written theatrical dramas and musicals mounted in NYC and Chicago. I wrote a tv pilot produced by ABC-TV. Won a Cable Ace for a drama produced by Time-Warner. I've written a kid's book, Big Fun published by MontessoriHome. I wrote in-nyc, a cable tv show & website covering underground entertainment. I've written lyrics for a number of songs recorded by indie bands, and for live shows at Lincoln Center.

Making My Daily Bread
Before founding Center 2 The Edge Marketing with Joe Mauro, I was an agency copywriter and Creative Director servicing mult-national brands. I even served a short sentence as first President of Saatchi and Saatchi Promotions. At that time, Saatchi was the largest ad agency in the world. It went quickly downhill after I left to pursue a career in food stamp acquisition.