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Gallagher wrote and produced a tv pilot for ABC-TV. Produced a benefit concert at Lincoln Center with what the L.A. Times music critic called the “greatest jazz orchestra ever assembled.” He's written dramas and musicals mounted in Chicago and NYC. One drama, taped for television by Time Warner brought him a Cable Ace Award. He also wrote and directed the tv show in-nyc.

John has a BA in Creative Writing from Purdue which his father said would never help him amount to anything. He's been Writers Guild, Dramatists Guild, and ASCAP.

GuyGrub Guy
One of his most recent productions is running on the internet. "The GuyGrub Guy" is a comedy masquerading as a cooking show… or visa versa. Guy is funnier than The Iron Chef, tougher than Rachel Ray, and has more sex appeal than Emeril.

The Psychotic Tool series has13 short episodes at There are six more short segments in pre-production. Joe Mauro is developing the recipes as a blog for Open Salon's Foodie Tuesday.