Gun Molly Rap
from the animated ebook "Beaugus"
We made our move on the holiday groove
Yeah, Buddabings now own Christmas!
Say you want a tree?
You gotta go thru me.

You want to hit the mall?
Yeah, we stole it all.
So we make it clear,
if you like reindeer,
You gotta buy them
horny flydeer here.

Christmas anything,
Stocking, card or bling
Budda, budda, budda, budda, budda bing bing

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Gun Molly Rap Break —
from Chuggalugga Christmas

Sung by Julie Eve
as Gun Molly Walsh
of The Christmas Party Mob

Lyrics by John Patrick Gallagher
Music By Vince McCartney
For Gold Heart Records
Produced in Lion's Den Studios by McCartney and Ward

For The PartyMob CD - Most Wonderful Time For A Beer

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