Hearts For Ella
Thank you for that green and yellow basket
And for lighting up that foggy London town.
And thanks for giving everything you've got
in all those houses you've brought down.

Thank you for the nights of sweet, sweet music,
when life's travails were tearing us apart.
And thanks for helping put us back together.
Because you always sing it from the heart.

We've danced to your swinging,and romanced to your singing.
and we've tapped as you scatted along.
When you cooking, like when you're songbooking
You're singing much more than a song.
You're taking us to places, put smiles on our faces,
and it makes us feel like we belong.

Your standards are unstandardized,never orthodox or pastuerized.
Instead, so purely Ella-ized, puts happy tears in all our eyes.
With every zig and zag you take, you give us such a treat.
You always show the song respect, and you're always with the beat.

So tonight we give our hearts to Ella,
after years of getting hearts from you.
So from everyone who's heard your groove
from everyone you've ever moved
our hears belong to you.

So tonight we give our hearts to Ella,
And dear Ella every one we give is true
You've given us your songs and more
And so we want to thank you for you just being you.

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Hearts For Ella

Sung by Laura Theodore

Lyrics by John Patrick Gallagher
Music by Jon Pohlmann

Theme for "Hearts For Ella"
All-Star Benifit Concert at Lincoln Center
Honoring Ella Fitzgerald

Produced by Birnbaum and Gallagher

Presented by American Express Goldcard
To Benefit the American Heart Association

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